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All Dining in Folsom


Curry Pizza House

Experience Curry Pizza House’s unique and unforgettable take on the traditional pizza experience, with the freshest vegetables, finest spices, and pizza dough that is lovingly crafted in-house and never frozen, guaranteeing

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Plate of tacos from Sutter Street Taqueria
Mexican Cuisine

Sutter Street Taqueria

Sutter Street Taqueria in Folsom, California, is a local gem known for its delicious Mexican cuisine. Nestled in the heart of historic Sutter Street, this

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Sociology Coffee Bar

Sociology Coffee Bar” in Folsom is a standout coffee spot known for its excellent coffee, delightful food, and friendly vibe. They offer arguably the best

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The Folsom Cafe

The Folsom Cafe,” located in the historic heart of Folsom, invites patrons to savor a diverse menu featuring coffee, matcha, tea, lemonades, pastries, bruschettas, sandwiches,

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