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Good Old-Fashioned Fun

Folsom’s wide range of activities makes it ideal for a family vacation. Whether you want to explore one of the 48 public parks, check out an interactive historical maker space, or go for a swim, there’s no shortage of fun here!

Family Fun in Folsom

4 out of 5 kids agree: Folsom is fun!

Where else can you go swimming, hit the skate and BMX park, go gold panning, and see the latest superhero action movie in one day?

Here, playtime is sacrosanct. That’s why we have nearly 100 miles of trails and 50 parks. Maybe one kid wants to play basketball, and the other prefers the swings? We’ve got a park for that here – actually, a couple.

Let the kids get their yayas out riding their bikes along the American River Trail, then stop for a snack in Historic Folsom. Show them what early technology looked like (spoiler alert: no smartphones) at the Powerhouse State Park, then cool off at one of our Spray Parks or head to one of the beaches along Folsom Lake or Lake Natoma. Round out the day with an early dinner and a movie at the Palladio. And be prepared for some tired and happy children.

Got more time? Don’t miss these uniquely Folsom activities:

SeaQuest Folsom

SeaQuest is an interactive aquarium adventure that lets kids (and you, too) touch, feed, and interact with animals from five continents. Its 20,000-square-foot location includes opportunities like snorkeling with stingrays and encounters with baby sloths, porcupines, and capybaras!

Young child looking into a bear exhibit at the Folsom zoo

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

Dedicated to “teaching responsible behavior toward all animals,” the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary provides a safe haven for dozens of rescued wild and domestic animals. Learn the history and story of various animals, including bears, wolf-hybrids, monkeys, birds, raptors, foxes, cougars, and assorted reptiles and insects.

While there, take advantage of the Folsom Valley Railway, a miniature-scale live steam train on a track that circles through City Lions Park!