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Over the River and Through the Woods

It’s always more fun when you’re off-roading. Folsom offers proximity to several OHV areas perfect for motocross, rock crawlin’, and mud bogging.

OHV Access in Folsom

Outdoor recreation comes in all flavors, including the motorized variety. If your idea of a great day out involves wheels and an engine, plenty of dirt and dust, and protective headwear, you’re in luck! These OHV areas are within easy reach of Folsom.

Prairie City State Vehicular Area (SVRA)

Named for a gold rush community located near the park, Prairie City SVRA is a popular off-road area with 4WD vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, and motorcycles. Riders can enjoy flat, open grasslands, rolling hills, and a new rock crawl trail. There’s a motocross trail in development, slated to open in Winter 2023

Mammoth Bar OHV Area

Part of the Auburn State Recreation Area, approximately 30 miles east of Sacramento, Mammoth Bar is a motorcycle/ATV riding area with various trails for different abilities, including one-way and two-way, and a motocross track.