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All Fun and Games

You’ll find plenty of fun activities and things to do in Folsom. Don’t miss family-friendly activities like the Folsom Zoo and SeaQuest, luxury outlet shopping, eclectic boutiques, history, and a vibrant art scene.

Things to Do in Folsom

Folsom’s range of activities makes it an ideal destination for couples and families alike (and friends, too!).

Whether looking for the perfect girl’s getaway day out or a couple’s weekend escape, Folsom offers a blend of arts and entertainment, shopping, museums, and other attractions that ensure a relaxing, memorable experience.

Families will find Folsom’s recreation and historical attractions provide ample opportunities to engage the younger set’s imagination and creativity while letting them burn off excess energy. And attractions like the Folsom Zoo and SeaQuest allow kids to get up close (well, not too close) and personal with the animal kingdom.