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Heart Beat of Folsom

The Heartbeat of Folsom is an art installation that celebrates all that there is to love about our great city while raising funds to improve the lives of the underserved in our community.

Celebrating Art and Community

In the vibrant city of Folsom, a remarkable collaboration took place between Leadership Folsom and Choose Folsom. This joint effort gave birth to the Folsom Hearts Project, an extraordinary initiative that brought together artists, businesses, individuals, and community groups to showcase the spirit and beauty of Folsom through art.

Each heart sculpture was generously sponsored by a business, individual, or community group, lending their support to this unique artistic endeavor. By collaborating with these sponsors, the project was able to not only highlight the artistic talent within Folsom but also strengthen the bonds that held the community together and helped raise funds to improve the lives of the underserved in our comunity.

two ladies smiling at a the camera while standing in front of a painted heart sculpture
Group of friends standing around a painted heart sculpture while smiling at the camera
man and woman admiring a painted heart sculpture
A couple standing in front of painted heart sculpture while smiling at the camera

The heart of this project lay in the installation of multiple heart sculptures, each a canvas for local artists and designers to express their creativity and capture the essence of Folsom. These captivating sculptures have  become hidden gems scattered throughout the city, waiting to be discovered and admired by both locals and visitors alike.