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State of the Arts

There’s more to Folsom than its incredible recreation and rich history. Its arts and entertainment options will surprise you (in the best possible way).

Arts + Entertainment in Folsom

Folsom’s vibrant arts and entertainment scene runs the gamut from classical symphony to public art, exciting nightlife to art walks. And it’s delivered in the casual, friendly way we’re known for here.

You won’t find any red velvet ropes or stuffy attitudes in Folsom. Just a genuine desire to share our art, music, and theatre with you!

The Harris Center in Folsom

Folsom Hearts Project

The core of The Folsom Heart Project lay in the installation of multiple heart sculptures, each a canvas for local artists and designers to express their creativity and capture the essence of Folsom. These captivating sculptures became hidden gems scattered throughout the city, waiting to be discovered and admired by both locals and visitors alike. Click here to learn more

Harris Center for the arts

Located at Folsom Lake College, the Harris Center is a visual and performing art space featuring a rich assortment of performances and exhibits throughout the year. Enjoy classical music performances from the Folsom Lake Symphony, dramatic plays, popular musicals, rock concerts, and so much more

Sutter Street Theatre

Offering a range of performances from its Off-Broadway Series to a Family Series, Sutter Street Theater takes its mission of “providing high-quality program…to learn about the art of theatre” seriously. Enjoy one of their productions as a matinee or evening show in Historic Folsom and pair that with a bite to eat at one of the many nearby restaurants, wine bars, and eateries.

Movie Theaters

Whether you’re looking for a date night movie experience or just want to see the latest superhero action flick, Folsom’s movie theaters deliver. The Century Folsom is one of Folsom’s original movie theaters, and offers great matinee pricing along with a full roster of new releases and blockbusters.

Take your pick from two movie theaters at the Palladio, both featuring the latest releases! The Palladio 16 Cinema offers beer, wine, and slushie cocktails along with a traditional snack bar.

For something a little more upscale (read: date night), try the Luxe, where you can enjoy a date night cocktail in the lounge before the show, then head to your seat and enjoy an appetizer, entrée, and dessert. If you’re still hungry after all that, try the gourmet popcorn classic and caramel corn mix. All shows after 5 pm at the Luxe are 21+.

family and friends laughing while standing outside of the theater entrance.

Folsom Art Center

The Folsom Art Center features art education classes and an art gallery. The Gallery at 48 Natoma features both professional regional and national artists and the work of local and emerging artists, students, and regional arts organizations.

Indulge your inner artist in classes ranging from ceramics and pottery to watercolor painting. Or try your hand at dance or photography.

Public Art

From murals to statues, multi-media pieces to large-scale artwork, Folsom boasts an impressive array of accessible public art to enjoy. While you’ll find it throughout the city, some spots to check out include Natoma Station, Palladio at Broadstone, and these spots in Folsom.

Art galleries

Folsom is home to many galleries featuring different artwork styles, artists, and periods. Explore art in a convivial setting (read: with wine) during Historic Folsom’s Art Walks or at one of several seasonal arts and crafts fairs.


Whether your definition of nightlife includes your favorite brew on draft or a speakeasy-worthy cocktail, a raucous band, or a solo musician, Folsom delivers a variety to suit your mood. Here, you’ll find beer gardens, sports bars, old-timey saloons, upscale wine bars, and lots of live music. Some popular hot spots include the PowerHouse Pub, Folsom Hotel, Gaslight Co, and Scarlet’s.

tow young male musicians on stage clapping with the audience