Bicycling future is HERE!

Bicycling future is HERE!

By Kristine Keables

Practical Cycle is different than most bike shops- it’s more of a transportation company. The company believes that bikes are a viable transportation option that is more fun, healthy, affordable, and green than automobiles. In other words, well, it’s time to make bikes practical.

The company’s moto is “No spandex? No funny shoes? No problem!”

Of course spandex-clad, hardcore bike racers are always welcome in the store. The point is that you don’t need to be an athlete to shop here, and that bikes are so much more than just toys for fitness and recreation. This a bike store for those of use who prefer to wander the trails aimlessly who not glancing at our Fitbits for heart rate or the bike app to measure distance.

At Practical Cycle, there’s electric bikes which makes touring Folsom easy without breaking a sweat (we do have lots of hills!) Cargo bikes offer the ability to use the city’s convenient bike trails to go grocery shopping or other quick shopping trips without using the car. For those RV enthusiasts or those in apartments, folding bikes are the answer. They fold into a compact package yet offer a comfortable full-size bike experience.

Intrigued? You can rent electric, folding or traditional bikes in historic Folsom. Call the bike shop at 877-448-1110.


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