Spa facials help you keep your glow!

Spa facials help you keep your glow!

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By the staff at Hoshell’s Salon and Spa

You wouldn’t go months without working out and expect to be in great shape—why assume your skin can do the same?

Spa facials are more than an occasional indulgence or an option only to be considered when battling a skin concern. Facials are an investment, paying off with each glance in the mirror.

But why monthly? As the outermost layer of your skin is renewed in 28-day cycles, monthly facials give new cells a head start. Additionally, even prescription-strength treatments require six to eight weeks to start to take effect. Spa facials speed up the renewal process, helping your daily products work faster and more effectively.

Aside from feeling like heaven, here are a few ways that Hoshall’s spa facials promote healthier, younger looking skin and help you keep your glow:

Your skin is exposed to pollutants every day, leaving dirt, grime, and even chemicals on your skin. Spa facials include cleansing that penetrates deeper than your daily rinse—cleaning out clogged pores, preventing breakouts, and addressing any damage caused by exposure to the elements.

Gone are the days when skin was classified only as dry, oily, or combination. A spa facial gives your esthetician the opportunity to pinpoint problem areas and suggest preventative or corrective actions to aggressively treat a number of skin situations.

Similar to getting a massage, the gentle, sweeping movements that occur during a spa facial help to increase circulation, facilitating the renewal of skin cells. Facial massages also relax the muscles that lead to fine lines and wrinkles, temporarily smoothing the surface of your skin.

While traditional facials have always involved removing dead skin as part of aiding cellular renewal, advancements in microdermabrasion have taken this process even further. Unlike exfoliating scrubs sold for at-home use, microdermabrasion helps to stimulate collagen and elastin production for long-term skin health.

The ingredients contained in today’s professional skin care products are designed for deeper penetration into the skin, increasing hydration and stimulating cells. Combined with facial massage, your skin immediately appears smoother, firmer in texture, and with more defined facial contours.

The last phase of every spa facial is designed to calm the skin and bring it back into balance. Breakthroughs in LED lights allow your esthetician to do more than balance your skin’s pH, taking down inflammation and targeting conditions such as premature aging, rosacea and hyperpigmentation for improvements that last.

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Which Spa Facial Is Right For You?
Not sure how to choose the right facial? With as many types of facials out there as there are skin concerns, selecting the perfect facial may seem a little confusing—especially if you have combination skin or more than one skin problem you’d like addressed.

To help you select the perfect facial treatment, we recommend considering which of the following reasons you’d like your esthetician to address:

If your skin feels clogged or uneven in texture, and would benefit from a deep cleansing
If your skin is sensitive, sallow or blotchy, and potentially suffers from acne
If your skin is dry, patchy, and you’ve seen an increase in fine lines
If your complexion appears a bit drained, and would benefit from firming and plumping
If you want to prevent future skin problems, and maintain healthy, glowing skin

Regular facials are the key to clear, smooth and radiant skin throughout the year. By understanding which skin concerns you hope to address, your Hoshall’s esthetician can suggest the perfect spa facial, and even customize your treatment with our Facial Enhancements.

Don’t forget to take advantage of our spa’s relaxing atmosphere! For an immersive, relaxing experience, we invite you to come early or schedule plenty of time between treatments, to enjoy our Turkish Steam Shower and Desert Hot Sauna. Our spa coordinators will even welcome you with lunch and wine, to be enjoyed on our patio, perfect for serenely unwinding or gathering with friends.

Take the first step to healthier, happier skin and a blissful day of relaxation, by signing up for a Hoshall’s monthly membership!


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